Wednesday, July 15, 2009


It is factual that someone who is sick cannot give out his best. Moreso, if the head of a country is sick, then that country would be prone to crisis.
The case of Nigeria is so pathetic because ours is a sick country presided over by a sick president. Whereas president yar’adua has good policy, initiatives captioned the seven point agenda, the level of implementation and realization of policy objectives has been outright failure.
The fundamental reality is that in a dependent prvatised and corrupt state like Nigeria, he who occupies leadership position contend with diabolic forces. Therefore it is only a healthy and vibrant leader that can bring about positive changes, and promote development.
A sick president ruling a sick country is tantamount to national stagnation cum retrogression and that explains the deplorable state of our roads, corruption, fraudulent elections, violation of rule of law, absence of basic social amenities like health care, food, electricity, etc. No wonder ASUU, NASU, SSANU, NUJ, RATAWU, NIPOST, medical and health workers are all on strike.
The existential conditions clearly explains the Nigerian situation. In fact if the head is sick, what else do you expect from the body called Nigeria.


  1. the caption is interesting but I will argue that it is the 139999999million nigerians that are sick since they can,t rise to the occation and help themselves.

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