Thursday, February 24, 2011


The current protests of regime change in the Middle East that is spreading like wildfire from Tunisia to Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Jordan, Algeria and Libya etc., is engineered by youths that have resolved to change their destiny. The wave of uprisings in the oil rich region is what I called a “State Repression and Unemployment Causal Revolution”. Though, a degree of success has been recorded in Tunisia (the gate post of the revolution) and Egypt with the sacking of President Ben Ali and Hosni Mubarak respectively between January and February 2011, the events in Yemen, Bahrain and Libya are still unfolding.
The world is following developments in Libya especially with keen interest due to the repressive crackdown on protesters by the autocratic and ruthless President Gadhafi Government forces, with hundreds of persons dead and thousands wounded. Gadhafi who is known for his fleet of female bodyguards and tent accommodation lifestyle is the undisputed winner of the longest serving president in Africa title and have been the maximum ruler of Libya for the past 41years. To demonstrate the level of personalization of the state in Libya, one of his sons is currently the National Security Adviser.
Whereas the youths are protesting for regime change, people oriented governance and fundamental human rights; Moammar Gadhafi has ironically described the political upheaval in Libya as “international terrorism orchestrated by al-Qaida and unknown persons giving elusivedating drugs to the youths. And therefore beckon on parents to go out to the streets to bring their sons home”.
I will argue as I have argued elsewhere that, there is no difference between Osama Bin Laden led al-Qaida (an international terrorist organization) and Libya under Gadhafi (which is a terrorist state). It is quite amazing that Gadhafi is yet to come to term with the reality that, state terrorism is actually a crucial factor that necessitated the ongoing people’s revolution.
On the allegations about unknown people giving drugs to the youths to make them violent, I totally agree with him. However, my point of departure is that, the drugs given to the youths are the drugs of democracy to resist perpetual marginalization, intimidation, torture, repression and tyrannical executions by a self-centered administration. But, what about the Ambassadors, Military Officers, Ministers, the Pilots who refused to bomb their own people and defected to Malta, etc. that are all calling for his resignation? Who gave drugs to all these categories of people? Come to think of it, maybe we are all drug addicts for jettisoning Gadhafi ideology cum framework for the African Union.
Gadhafi is indeed a lucky man. Just imagine the current chaotic situation in Libya, the killing of protesters and declaration to execute all those involved in the protests and demonstrations according to the draconian Libyan Constitution, under the Presidency of George Bush Jr in America. Your guess is good as mine. President Bush and his collaborators at the world stage would have continued from where they stopped in Iraq and Afghanistan, by designing and executing a speedy invasion of Libya which he labeled a “Rogue State, under the auspices of the war on terror. That indeed would have been Moammar Gadhafi and the Terrorists. We are all watching how the United States of America, the Policeman of the World under the leadership of a son of African, President Barack Obama, will react to the Libyan crisis.