Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Fellow Nigerians, as we mark the Golden Jubilee of our nationhood, let us embark on an historical excursion to the annals of history and critically reflect on how we have fared as a people in the past five decades.
Fellow Nigerians, when you live in a country, where innocent school children and old people are kidnapped for ransom for no just cause, where federal roads have become dead traps and easy passage to hell, where children of the poor and those of the rich no longer attend the same public schools.
When you live in a country, where Corruption have become a national slogan, where the ship of meritocracy, equity and fairness is swallowed in the ocean of mediocrity, where election riggers and mandate thieves are legally given new opportunities to re-rig and elongate illegal rule with impunity.
When you live in a country, where fake drugs in our chemists, pharmacies and hospitals kill the sick more than natural illnesses, where unemployment is above eighty percent, where underdevelopment have continued to soar high and where uncountable politically motivated assassination have remained uncovered.
When you live in a country, where there is no social contract between the leaders and the led and between rulers and the ruled, where justice is sold to the highest bidder, where lawlessness, nepotism and immorality are held in high esteem, where the living standard of the people is far below the global average.
When you live in a country, where you provide your own electricity, water, security, accommodation and even road, where citizens are unfortunately members of two publics- the civic public and the primordial public, where you are forced to consolidate electoral crimes such as rigging in the name of democracy.
When you live in a country, where government officials collect bogus salaries and allowance while the people perish, where policemen and armed robbers collect illegal fees from the same road, where citizens are exploited and killed unjustly in the name of religion, where oil wealth have become a curse rather than blessing.
Fellow Nigerians, when you live in a country, where life is generally nasty, brutish and short, there is actually nothing tangible to celebrate, except bad policies and misrule. NIGERIA: ABUNDANT RESOURCES ….50 WASTEFULL YEARS. God help Nigeria. Long Live Nigeria, Aluta Continua Victoria Acerta.

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