Saturday, February 20, 2010


Give a child a good name and he shall live to actualize it, this is presently the testimony of the Ebele Jonathan’s Family. Born in the quiet small village of Otuoke in Bayelsa State, Dr Goodluck Jonathan has risen to epitomize the power in a name. From a humble University Lecturer Position, to Deputy Governor and Governor Position in Bayelsa State, to Vice President and Acting President of Nigeria, to Chairman Economic Community of West African States, the future is still very bright and the best is yet to come. The Goodluck in Acting President Jonathan is the secret of his success. So humble and ever ready to serve, but, never desperate for power, yet benefiting from unquestionable upliftment.
As the first Ijaw man from the Oil rich but crisis ridden Niger Delta to occupy the Presidential Position in Nigeria, much is expected from his leadership. As we swing to and fro in the ocean of backwardness, corruption and maladministration, Nigeria needs a torch of the Goodluck in Jonathan. To write his name boldly in the good books of history, there is urgent need to overhaul our electoral system and get things right, creating a conducive atmosphere for peaceful and credible elections. The lingering Niger Delta crisis must also be nib in the bud by creating sustainable development and cleaning of the environment. More so it is time to fight corruption to its lowest minimum, uphold the rule of law, provision of basic social infrastructure, availability of affordable petroleum products, security of lives and property, improvement in the educational sector and general improvement in the standard of living of the average Nigerian.
We need the GOODLUCK in Acting President JONATHAN, even as we eagerly expect the manifestation of so many Baby Goodlucks’ that now abound in Nigerian Families.

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